I always knew I had a creative side, but never seemed to be able to find a medium that suited me. I have an artistic sense, but no ability to draw or paint. And I have always been technically inclined, but I never found an artistic outlet that celebrated my abilities while mitigating my shortcomings. Like most adults, I never had the time to find and develop my God given talents because I was too preoccupied with making a living and raising my family.

As I approached retirement I started to think about what I might be able to do to fulfill my long neglected creative side and it dawned on me that, ever since I was a youngster, I have always loved having a camera in my hands. I even had my own darkroom years ago, long before the advent of digital photography. I had a pretty good base of technical knowledge, but l had used photography mostly to chronicle the growth of my family, our vacations and life's events. It dawned on me that photography might be the medium I could use to fulfill my creative bent, so I started studying it as an art rather than just as a technology and I discovered that I do have the talent to create art with my camera. Raw as that talent might be, I decided to create this gallery to chronicle my work and, hopefully, my artistic growth as a photographer.

Isaac Ber is my alter ego. Actually, it's my Hebrew name. Isaac is the Anglicization of the name Yitzhak, which in Hebrew means “he who laughs”. Ber means, literally, a bear. Since I love to laugh and make others laugh and, since I'm built like a short, round bear, I have always thought that my Hebrew name fits me well. And since I am now exploring the “other side” of myself - reinventing myself, if you will - I decided that The Isaac Ber Gallery is an appropriate name for my new venture.

I hope you enjoy my work half as much as I enjoy creating it.

Ira (Isaac Ber) Fink