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Welcome to my blog. Isaac Ber is my "nom de lens" and I use it because my foray into photography at the level I am seeking to achieve is a new beginning for me.

I have always loved having a camera in my hands, ever since I was in grade school. Of course, the equipment, not to mention the cost of film and developing, was prohibitive for a youngster, so taking pictures was only for special occasions. When digital SLR's came out, I started to play with them, but the normal business and family obligations made it hard to find the time to really grow as a photographer. It has really been in the last two years that I have had the time and opportunity to really start taking photography more seriously.

Currently, I am shooting with a Canon 60D and a Canon 6D and have acquired a nice selection of mostly "L" glass lenses, along with a nice complement of accessories for most situations.  I'm not a professional, but I bought a professional level camera and lenses so I couldn't use the equipment as an excuse for my results.  I went el-cheapo on things like light stands, soft boxes, backgrounds, etc. because I don't have a studio and I won't be giving this equipment heavy usage.

Like every photographer, there is always a piece of equipment I want, whether I need it or not. I guess that will never change.  I'll always want something, and I'll always claim I need it just because I want it. That's a photographer's illness, but one I'm OK with.

I have started a gallery of my work at I will be adding to the gallery as I take pictures that I think are worthy. It's hard to find pictures that I want to take in the winter, but the weather has finally broken, spring has sprung and now my focus is on getting out there and exercising my right forefinger and seeing how much wear I can put on my shutter button.

This weekend I'm taking a cruise down the Connecticut River in search of eagles and osprey to hunt with my camera. I will probably use my Canon 60D with my EF 70-200mm f/2.8 zoom and a 2X converter. With the 1.6 crop factor of the 60D's sensor, that will give me the equivalent of having a 224-640mm f/5.6 lens. As much as I would prefer the quality of the sensor on my full frame 6D, without the crop factor that same lens and converter will only give me a 140-400 f/5.6 to work with. I think the trade off of the better sensor for the longer lens will be justified. I'll let you know if I was right.]]>
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